Monday, May 19, 2008

What a boring weekend

Didn't happen much this weekend. I strolled around looking for clients. No success. I need to pay rent, so it would be time to find someone! - Well, not that I didn't have sex, but I'm just too foolish (or horny) to charge everytime. Damn!

Ha! Today I met Py coincidently. That guy is dumb as cauliflower, his body not even XCited, he's ugly and he has no idea, what emoting means. - But he wants to tell me, he's soooooo exhausted from the masses of clients he got as escort this week again. Dumbass! Either he's a liar (what I suppose) or he knows a place with lots of even dumber newbs, which have no idea what good SL-sex means!

Well, even if the weekend was boring most of the time and I waisted lots of time - though it was a kind of success, cause: Everything worked out pretty well in the Vampiri-family! I'm so glad, D. and S. are good with each other. Spent a lot of time with both - well, especially with mylord, cause Spanks had to go to bed early every day. (/me pouts at this point)
They got rid of their parcels and wanna buy a whole Sim. Mylord offered me a place there and said I'm practically family. That made me so happy!!! Sounded really good...
Too bad mylord isn't in a good mood after this weekend. I think the trouble with their neighbor and the disappointment at PE brought him down. Well, I have to say: I'm not fond of PE either yet. It did sound good and it started good, but it's more and more escorts and no clients in sight. *sigh* And the pictures... oh my! I hope to catch Kyo soon for another photosession. I don't even LOOK like me on those pics. How would anyone hire me, when he only knows me from those pictures?

Hm, what else? I have to spend more time at the frathouse. Things stand still. I'm too busy with other things. Should start furnishing soon...

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