Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I'm so happy! Last night was a good night. After all those parties at the weekend there was another one last night. But this time it was really good. Less annoying gestures, more really good and funny chat. And we changed the theme from "summer at the beach" to "15 naked boys with hats doing line-dance". It was hawwwwwt! /me growlz

But the best thing was: Spanks told me, he's falling in love with me. I mean: Really deep... like... yeah... boyfriends... lovers. He never wanted it. I tried to avoid it too. But we couldn't help it. And it feels good. And right. - Am I afraid of getting my heart broken again? Dunno. But hey! better enjoying the feeling now and suffering later then never be able to feel it at all! He makes me really happy!

And last night he told me too, that he wanted to talk to his father. He wants his father back. He wants a family. *sigh* Made me happy again, to hear that. Too bad, Dafydd wasn't there last night.
And here's the bad news: Met D. today for a few minutes. He was assaulted in RL. I was shocked and didn't know what to say. And he had no time to tell me everything. I just know, that he wanted to go to a RL-party... and I was so glad, that he has some nice RL-activities too. But now? Damn RL!!! I hope to meet him soon, so he can tell me everything.

So, after I brought my prince to bed last night, I played with Byakko for a while. Brought him to premier too. Showed him to Conner. Later there came a new escort and asked for advice. Well, he was nice, but lets be honest: Why the hell do they HIRE everyone who comes to the house as new escort? There won't be any clients if everybody thinks he's qualified as escort. Many of them are NOT! -- Well, this guy... I told him how to get rid of typing, how to use an AO, how to change his boardcard etc. - but most important: Told him how to emote! I have to say: He wasn't bad. Seems to be a natural talent like me.
Maybe I should try to talk to Corey and Clinton about it? I think, it's not good to engage too many escorts. There's only a restricted amount of clients, so more escorts (and especially bad ones) don't mean automatically more income. And maybe we should sit together and talk about strategies etc. And especially about emoting. Some DO have to learn a lot...

OK, RL calls. Damnit! More tomorrow...

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