Sunday, May 25, 2008


whoa! didn't write for some days. Too busy with parties. - Premier makes us visit lots of parties. Well, I like dancing and meeting people, but I'm getting bored. There are almost only escorts there, no clients at all. And the overuse of gestures is so annoying. I'm a little disappointed of premier. They let everybody in, no matter how good (or bad) he is in emoting and turning other guys on. Damn! I think I'm really good at it. Everybody who's in bed (or somewhere else..) with me tells me, that he didn't knew, SL-sex could be that phantastic at all. But as I'm wasting my times on parties, I'm not able to hunt for clients. And as some clients make bad experiences with other escorts, they won't hire another one - a better one! - anymore. So frustrating! It started really good, but now? Oooomph! At least I hope, Kyo gets my new pictures ready soon, so that I can add it to my profile.

Nothing much happened apart from one party after the other. I spend some time with my lovely sister Nia again. She wasn't on for a while; busy in RL. But now we spend some time together again, and that's good.

Coming closer to my prince charming from day to day. I'm a little scared falling in love too much. But can't help it. Last night we fell asleep together and it was wonderful. Holding him in my arms, keeping him warm and save, inhaling his sweet scent, our breath falling in the same rhythm, becoming one... *sigh*

I just wished, he would be a little nicer to his father; but I decided to fight the urge to interfere and I'll give them time, in the hope there will be harmony again one day. Especially after Dafydd made me a big gift these days: He took me in as a member of the family, side by side to Spanki. Though I never can turn vampire - my shikigami-blood is too strong and prevents it -, I already feel as part of the Trevellion Clan. I feel so honored and pleased!

Okay, that's it so far. I decided to wait with my decision about the fraternity. Will keep on working on it as far as parties and friends will leave me some time for it...

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