Monday, May 5, 2008

We did it II

Well, this was propably the shortest marriage in the history of SecondLife?

At least this tiger was happy for about 24 hours. But after the marriage hubbie really acted strange. Always arguing and fighting. No matter what I said, he reacted weird. This was so what I did NOT want anymore.

However, we fought and we had sex. I loved him - at least I thought so -, so I tried to take it, even if he insulted me and my friends and was jealous all the time.

Today he brought me to a strange combat-SIM. After I waisted my time there for about 2 hours, he told me - in a sideline - that he found a RL-boyfriend last night. Fine! I'm happy for him. But as his SL-husband I supposed, he would tell me exciting stuff like that IMMEDIATELY! We could have celebrated it. Well he didn't tell me. He didn't share. Same thing as with Andrej. I knew I had to go.
So I gave him his ring back. He didn't even try to hold me back. In a few seconds he already had ended the partnership. He really didn't waiste time. Sometimes I think it was just a dirty little game he and Ceth played with me.

I could just bite my cute little tiger-tail for paying 2000 lindens for the planned wedding-party and another 2000 for gifts. But that's the prize I pay for being such a romantic fool! Well, life goes on. And if I ever fall in love again, someone shoot me please!

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