Tuesday, May 13, 2008

nothing new

Did I show you my tiger-silks? Here it is. It wasn't cheap and it still needs some adjustment, but I love it. Cause others can rip off every single piece of it from my body! I have to take a look at the script one day... maybe I can use it for other silks too?

Well, happened much yesterday. Talked a lot to mylord and spanki. Met a client (off duty) and start-becoming-friend (told yer! I'm too emotional for that job!) at the beach. Did some nude dancing. Had fun. - So, the usual. hehe

I made a flickr- and a myspace-account too. Want to post some pics. Can't decide on which of both!?

Tonight I have an appointment with the photographer. First it should have been the one, now one of the premier-managers sent me to another. I'm very curious and a little nervous....

Nothing else new. Still too busy and not enough time.

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