Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I've been asked sometimes about Byakko and Shikigami. My Love posted something about Byakko today. I was so happy as I saw that. It shows me, how interested he is in me. *sigh* Love him so much...

It's not long ago since I recognized I can transform into a white tiger. And I never knew anything about Byakko and Shikigami before. Growing up in Germany... who would expect to be a member of the powerful Byakko-Clan? Well, I'm only a half-blooded Shikigami. Mother human. But there are coming some magic powers with it, what's really nice.

So, let me tell you how much I know myself about Shikigami: Shikigami are something like a demon. Well, friendly demon sometimes. Similar to the western familiar of witches and warlocks. They build a contract with an Onmyôdô, a kind of wizzard. There are 24 families of Shikigami, each represented by 3 Clan-members. The families itself represent a solar term as well as a season. Our family - the Clan of Byakko (White Tiger) - stands for autumnal equinox. Maybe that's the reason why I'm always hungry for harmony?
A shikigami can take human form (I don't have a problem with that anyway) as well as they can transform into a Daikôjin. That's an extremly powerful giant form, very destructive. I haven't learned to transform into a Daikôjin yet. If I ever will?
One of the 3 active Shikigami of our Clan is Byakko no Kogenta, my cousin. Pretty nice guy, though he's sometimes described as "typically cocky, arrogant, and quick to anger". Don't know about any family likeness...

I think, that's how much I know about it... any questions?

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