Sunday, May 4, 2008

We did it

Friday night:

[20:41] Jayson Dallagio gave you Vampire Ring with Bats.
[20:41] : Jayson Dallagio says: i just gave you my ring...
[20:41] : Franziskus Ninetails says: your ring, Sir?
[20:42] : Jayson Dallagio says: means i wanna marry you and when you are redy put it on....
[20:42] Franziskus Ninetails blushes and beams
[20:42] : Jayson Dallagio says: when you put it on il know your ready
[20:43] You: too exited!!!
[20:44] You: GRROWWLLLZZ
[20:44] Jayson Dallagio: why so excited?
[20:44] : Franziskus Ninetails says: I LOVE YOU!!!
[20:44] Jayson Dallagio grins
[20:45] You: I never got a marriage proposed
[20:45] Franziskus Ninetails squeezes
[20:45] Jayson Dallagio: well you just did
[20:45] Franziskus Ninetails nods
[20:45] Jayson Dallagio: and when your ready i will marry you that vey moment

Saturday night

On Saturday, 2008-05-03 at 17:59
Jayson Dallagio
Franziskus Ninetails
became husbands

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