Thursday, May 15, 2008


Geeze! Tiger is tired. Tiger doesn't get enuff sleep. Tiger too busy.

My photoshooting on tuesday went pretty well. That Baily is a nice guy. I'm curious about the pictures. Well, yes... a little concerned too. Not sure if they will show all the beauty of the tiger. *hehe* And we made way too much fratboy pictures. Okay, we will see. If I don't like them, I'll make an appointment with Kyoka. Talked to him for while yesterday. Nice guy, sweet and shy. But I like his photos. And he's an artist in drawing and painting too! I have to introduce him to Kale.

After the shooting everything went weird. Somehow I seem to attract weird people. Some seem to fall in love with me, only because I like them. That's odd. So, I first had a strange arguing with a client, earned 1000 lindens though, but didn't want them. Paid back, he paid again. I kept it. Pay some rent...
Then I had an arguement with Jayson. He wanted to borrow money. - Well, that wouldn't be such a big problem (if I had money at all!), but I'm still suspicious. He didn't convince me that he changed, and I'm still not sure about the dirty little games that Ceth is playing. The question to lend him money - especially after he had spent millions of lindens for furnishing his home (what tiger could never afford in his life!) - made me take a step back. I don't know, if this relationship really has a chance. Well, I didn't want to argue, so I gave him time to calm down and left.

Ok, let me think! What else happened? - I installed a gang-bang menu in the hot-tub. Called some friends and frats to adjust it. It was a lot of fun. Seven naked guys in a tub... *whew* But it seems we have too many bottoms here. They almost fought about who can play the slutty pledge that's banged by the others. Yeah, this menu was a really good idea!
A bad idea was it to invite Spanki. He landed in the pool with us. And he was really confused. Poor boy! If you see him, you wouldn't think he's so shy. Oh god! I realized I made a big, big mistake. Had the feeling, I killed something between us... well, something... let's call it romantic. I really felt bad and didn't have any more fun in the tub then.
But I called Mylord then. He landed in the pool too. Was a little amused about the naked boys having fun. I gave him a tour and he said he liked the house. Think he just wanted to be polite. His castle is so much better.
And I felt a bad concious because of Douggie. My little kitten was so quiet. Even more quiet as usual. I thought he may feel neglected. Oh, I so wished I had more time. Sometimes I should be at 10 different places at the same time. And then there are hours I feel lonely like hell!

Well, as the tub-party was over, I went to the Trevellion castles. Saying good-night to Spanki. He's building a garden at his castle. Dafydd baught him a swinging tyre. Oh, how tiger loves to swing!!! Could hang around there the whole day. I almost bought one for the frathouse too a while ago, but I don't want it to become a neko-house instead of a frathouse.
Then I rushed over to the premier house. Such a laggy place! Mylord had his photoshooting coming and I wanted to watch. It was over an hour to wait, so I tried out my new dances at the dancefloor. - Yeah, I bought four new dances. I shouldn't waiste my money, but I just love to dance. And I found out, that I can install different dancing notecards in my Huddles, which makes it much easier. Cool! Well, I entertained a single guest as Dafydd joined us. We had much fun. And as the photoshooting started, we had even more of it.
Oh, how much we laughed at the shooting. And Dafydd... OH MY GOD! He looked awesome in his different outfits! He has such a good and exquisite taste! I'm very curious how pictures will look.

After the shooting some talking with Kyoka and Conner, a co-worker. As I heard of a party at the Blubar, I headed over. But that place was so crowded and laggy; it was no fun at all. So I went to Hot 'n Hung. I knew, I should have gone to bed. But I wanted to see, if I can find a client. Yes, I flirted, but not for money. However, I learned to know a guy. And voila! I have another job as dancer. Cool!
Okay, went back to premier then. Somehow I was so eager to find a client! Well, sure I found someone who wanted to fuck me, but I said "Sorry, I'm on duty" he didn't get the hint. *hehe*

However, it was another busy day/night. I don't know how to do all that work, but it was fun most of the time. And that's what I'm here for...

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