Saturday, May 3, 2008


We are a couple now for... how long? 48 hours? And already had our first argument. *sigh* Oh, how much I do not want that! I felt so happy. I don't want arguments any more. Got enough of that in the last weeks.

I thought, he's the first person, who takes me as I am. Almost everybody - except my kitten Douggie - else disappointed me in this. Even my lovely sister Nia disappointed me, as she told me, she had enough drama in RL, she won't need mine in SL. I know, I molested her - and others - too much with my problems in the last days. I'm sure it was annoying. But it was just mean of her to say that. Especially after I've been there for her and listened to her, when she talked about her SL and RL-problems.

But back to Jayson. - He acted very jealous last night. I think it was the fault of both of us. Just silly. I played with a doggie at the XCite-shop, and Jayson asked me, if I would like to have a pet. I liked the idea. So we took the doggie with us. I thought, he wanted it too, but he just asked, to do me a favour. Whoa! It was such a mess and he acted jealous and I was desperate. No good!
Well, yeah, it just was a mistake to take that doggie with us. But that's not the point. Jayson told me, that he never wanted to see me fucked by anyone else. Hello?!? I had told him in the beginning that I'm a slut! And he said then he wouldn't care as long as I come home to him afterwards. And now this! - I love sex. And I love to flirt. And I'm becoming an escort. - I don't need a boyfriend/lover who's acting furiously jealous everytime I flirt or fuck someone else.
He apologized and asked me, if I would promise that I won't leave him. I will not leave him. But I won't change either. So, if he can't accept me, the slutty horny kitten, then he will leave me sooner or later. And that scared me.

Hm... we didn't finish that discussion. It went too late and he sent me to bed. Please, wish me luck. I really want this relationship to work! I had such a messy life in the last weeks; I think, kitteh here has deserved the right to be happy finally!

Oh, and before this damn thing happened, he asked me to marry him...

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