Thursday, May 8, 2008

a good day

Yesterday was a good day! - I've spent a lot of time talking. First with Alex, a German straight sub. We met at Rosey Cheeks campfire. He's so nice!

Later Rammy came on. We spent some time trying to install love-menus in the hot tub, as suddenly - big surprise! - Kale came. Haven't seen that little fox for weeks!!! So cool!
We danced a little in the night, wearing sparkling sticks and danced in the night-sky. Looked pretty good. Of course later he had to meet his other friends. And Rammy had to go off. I was looking for the photo-studio at Hot 'n Hung to make some nice/sexy pictures of me for my notecard as escort. Then I IM'd Mylord Trevellion, the owner of the Vampire Club. And we started to chat and chat and chat... Oh, it was a long night. We talked about five or six hours. And it was so good! He's so kind and nice... a related soul. And I'm so scared! Scared to make a mistake that would make him banish me. You know, how stupid this tiger can be!

Oh, and I found the blog of his son, Spanki, that hot dark prince I had a crush on him the first moment I saw him. But I'm pretty sure, he would break tigers heart, if he let him come too close, so tiger better let's his naughty paws off him. Not that prince would be interested in tiger at all; and that's okay like it is.

Well, that's it, I think. Talked to Marq for a moment. Told him, that I love him and Jayson, even if they hate me. I can't change it. I wish I could be angry or something for treating me like shit, but I can't. - Marq said, he loves me too, but it's better not to talk to me. I told him, he needn't talk to me, but he should talk to Jayson. Jayson loves him. They shouldn't waiste their time being stubborn. But I think their master Ceth has his dirty little fingers in it and plays his dirty power-games. Poor boys!

With all that private stuff, progress in the frathouse is going slow. Not enough time and not enough energy. Hope to go on in the next days. And I'm very curious how my work as escort will be. I hope, I'm good at it!

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