Friday, July 4, 2008

and then...

... SL can be very exciting (and exhausting) again. Woah! Thursday was a good day! So much fun though I worked a lot.

First a client.
Then four hours party at PGC. Was fun. When I returned from my first crash, all people around me were ruthie. Some stayed that way till the next crash, for instance Clinton and Tree. I wanted to blackmail them with some embarrassing pictures, but they didn't react. So... here they are! *hehe* It was really funny watching them ruthie, especially Clinton with his open low raise Jeansshort. *chuckle*
At the end we crashed the SIM. Was kinda a funny, cause first I thought, it was only *me* who crashed. But then I got about 20 IMs "Help! TP me! I crashed!" - and I had to laugh a lot. I'm just glad I landed in my home after the relog, not in a crowded place again. Always a little embarrassing, when tiger lands nekkid in some noob-place. (nah. really don't care!) Tips were ridiculous though. But who cares? There were just too many dancers and tip-jars, I guess. At least I had lots of fun.

Went with Jojo (co-worker) and his bf to his apartment on the roof of a skyscraper. Was nice there, but I wouldn't be able to hear that traffic-noise all the time. Well, we wanted to chill-out a little... Oh, and how we chilled! *hehe*

Then relaxing at another party with my little bro for an hour. And then another hour of work at Domineck's. Wasn't there for a while, but made in that hour the same money as in four hours at PGC before. Well, it was mainly the GM and the owner who tipped me. Guests were pretty silent. So, tiger and his family (little bro and Conner joined me) did mostly all of the entertainment. Was nice and Conner won the contest.

Well, then another hour chilling with Conner at the campfire. Maybe longer? Dunno. Lost feeling for time trying out my new "love scene" poseball. Damn! That's a hot thingens! (the poseball! well, Conner too of course) We wanted to have sex since we met the first time at Tristar, but somehow there never was an opportunity. But it was worth waiting for.

Soooooo, working 6 hours, 3 hours Sex, causing 7 RL-orgasms (including my own), not counted the SL-orgasms, having tons of fun.... Let's call it a good day!


Gregster said...

Definitely too many dancers and tip jars and it would have been nice if the DJs could have been told about the plans.
Both Markie (12-2pm SLT) and I (2-4pm SLT) were rather confused by the announcements sent out, telling us details of a Pre-Pride party (the group IM was the first we heard).
Given that I build custom tip jars for people, had I known in advance, I could have sorted out tips via the dance poles (split between the dancers when there were 2 to a pole).

Franziskus said...

Hi, Greg. I could write a comment here, but better tell you that inworld...