Thursday, July 10, 2008


It's time for a review. I didn't write much about my adventures this week. But there isn't really much to tell. Working, working, working. Exept of saturday and sunday I worked every day for at least five hours. Well, winning several contests, getting tipped, some luck with sploders (It helps throwing my boots at them!)... So rent is paid for over a month now. That's good. But I'm exhausted. I need a break and some time for myself and my friends. But gay pride is coming... *sigh*

Even on sunday, where I didn't work, I was exhausted. - After I did a last dance with Nia (her picture) in the night-sky to say good-bye, I tried to get some distraction. But every 10 minutes I got an IM from another friend, who asked "How are you today?". Of course that's nice, but how can you get distraction, when you get reminded every 10 minutes? So, I spend the whole night with answering IMs, till I told everyone, that I need some time-out.

Been to dance in a gallery on a cruise-ship, cause I promised DJ Kaj to come there. Brought some friends with me. Could have been very nice, if I wasn't distracted the whole time and couldn't follow the open chat. But I liked the pictures in the gallery. And the ship is biiiiiiiiig! Have to take a closer look at it when I got more time. Amazing, what some people in SL are building. Cool!

Oh, I forgot: On sunday Spanki, Clinton and me gave a kind of dancing lesson to the new dancers at Premier. That was really fun! We logged into Gregster's audio-stream and danced in the pole-room. Later I joined the naked guys at HnH.
And I had the idea of making dance class kind of fixed date. Had the idea of an "Escort and Dancing School" before. Maybe Spanki, Jojo and me could build something like that within Premier? Coaching the new dancers... But too busy already, and it won't get less.

What else? Bought a new penis yesterday. Lotus. Looks better, but not so functional like XCite. And a new AO. And some clothes. - So.... Inventory is messier then ever now. Gee! And all the money I've earned is gone again with that stuff and tipping and paying 2 other weeks rent. *sigh*

And I met Nia's RL-sister Dandy. She build an account to organise a SL-funeral for Nia. We sat at the campfire for a while and she told us some things about her RL- and my SL-sister. Got disturbed by a griefer. Oh, how much I hate them. I was tempted to let him on the parcel, just to blast his body into orbit!

Well, not much else to tell. Busy, busy, busy. No sex, no chilling, no relaxed talking with friends. I soon will need a holiday!

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