Thursday, July 3, 2008


.... SL can be a very lonely place. There are days, where I don't know where to go first, to whom to talk first. Busy, exhausting, exciting. And then there are times, you're just strolling around. No party anywhere, no friends online - at least none of those you want to talk to right that moment. And you ask yourself: "Why don't I just switch it off?" Or just doing some of the things I were too busy the whole time: Care for the frathouse, think about it's future. Or cleaning my inventory. Stuff like that. But of course then I'm not in the mood for that either.
However! Last night was such a night. I started in best mood, but then fallen deeper and deeper. And some server-problems which made a log-in for most people impossible, wasn't much help to my mood. Strolled around for hours. Killing time.

Tuesday started so good. Finally had time for someone who wanted to meet me for weeks. And now we met. And it was gooooood. *purrrrrrrr*

Tuesday also was little brothers birthday. So I gave him a birthday-spanking. Was fun. - But wednesday he wasn't on and I missed him.

On tuesday I invited prince to Spiritz, where I worked. We "normal". And met later at his place. Was something between friends, fuckbuddies and lovers. Dunno. But it was okay. - This night he was strange again. Don't know what happened, didn't talk to me. Okiiiiii.... hm.

On tuesday I also won the contest at IGBC: "Elements". Had only 5 minutes to find a costume. So I went naked and attached fire on different body-spots. Looked cool somehow, but I didn't expect to win. Funny thing was: I thought I was fourth and it took me about 15 minutes till I recognized that I made the FIRST prize. *lol* - This night I was there in hope to meet Sir and the others. Okay, I did, but they didn't talk much to me. I felt excluded & lost and I think, that's it. And the music was... uhm.... better don't talk about it.

On tuesday I also helped my new friend Stev with dances. Cool guy he is. Met him the other day, when little brother introduced me to his boyfriend. We had lots of fun at Sine. Somehow we're on same level. I like that. So I helped him with the dances and installing them in a new bought Huddles. And we had fun dancing in the nightsky. He bought me another dance (#33) cause I helped him.
Today we spent some time together too. Dancing at Nekismo, than back to Sine, where I bought that nice couple-dance. Then to bits and bobs, where I bought a fantastic love-scene. *purrrrrrrr* And then testing a nice bed in another shop. So, this was the highlight of the day, I think.

So, tigers mood isn't the best now. Hope thursday becomes better. Will work at the cellar of PGC, as there's special pride-party.

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Jordyn Carnell said...

U just learned the secret.. helping people is the most fun you can have is SL