Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Clintons and Coreys Wedding

On saturday there've been Clintons and Coreys wedding. Finally! Clinton was so exhausted the week before. Yelled at everbody, lost his nerves several times. The original wedding place was cancelled, so he had to organize everything within a few days.

But it was a really nice wedding. Nice ceremony. Even if place was very laggy cause of the zillions of people been there.

And we all just looked gorgeous in the suits Corey and Clinton had bought for us groomsmen and the best men. - Well, gorgeous except of the lapels coat-tails (? or however it is called), which gave each of us a very fat ass. *hehe*

I threw some mice. I love to throw mice! Well, I was told it should be Rice, but how ridiculous and dangerous is that??? Unboiled Rice would only kill the birds which eats it. No, no. Never throw rice!!! - However, place were so laggy, that the mice arrived 5 minutes after I've thrown them. I don't even know, if someone recognized...

So, the two made nice vows. And the registrar held a nice and funny speech. And now I hope, Clinton's getting a little calmer, after everything's over.

I still have no wedding-present. I can't decide between a gift certification of XCite or Sexgen - or a fruit bowl? Hm, I think they already have a fruit bowl, but can you ever have enuff fruit bowls?

However, at the reception I felt a little ignored. Okay, I spend some time with Spanki in IM, having secret Sex dancing very close... but after he had to leave, only Gregster talked to me. I felt very lonely. Strange thingens, that you can feel lonely in such a big crowd.

So, after happy couple left to go to wedding-bed to loose their virginity (*cough*), I went to work at Domineck's. And what happened there - or better after work - that's another point...

Well, seems to me, this is a remake of "4 weddings and a funeral". There already was Dafy's and Tim's wedding. Now Corey and Clinton. This friday Miky and Dej (I forgot about the invitation and signed in for pride-work. Damn!). Then Dash and Mikal (though I didn't get an invitation yet and I'm a little disappointed). And Kyne and Koen too (Kyne asked me to be his best men). Well, and then there's Nia's funeral some day. Just don't know, which day it will be.

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Gregster said...

Glad I helped make you less lonely Franzi!