Sunday, July 20, 2008


Dunno what to tell. * Too many parties. Not really exciting. * Talking again with Spanks. But isn't easy, as feelings still too deep. * Gay Pride sucked the last two days. What were we there for? Nobody announced us. Noone tipped us. The 4-Sim-thingens is a mess. What a waste of time. Glad it's over today! * Bought new dances. Huddles will burst soon. And still not enuff. * Felt pretty alone with 50 'friends' online. Uhm! * Already felt rejected of Q. * Seems, I can't be nice to one person without hurtin' another person? So maybe I should stop being nice at all? * Went to bed crying. Prolly just lack of sleep. * What a weekend!!!

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Kyne said...

Hey, I love you, bro. And remember, I'm always around too.