Thursday, July 24, 2008


Yesterday I decided to collect ruthie-pics in my blog. It's mean, I know... But you have to admit: Kinda funny! So, here are the first. Lyon on the right, a guest at Domineck's yesterday. He hided all the time in the sploder and as he at last showed himself, he was all ruthie. Isn't it ironic?

Here on the left you see Dafydd T. a while ago in the hall of Premier Escort. I told him 10 times to rebake, but he said, it must be me. So, well... Now he has to deal with it. *hehe* (Btw - I hope he's oki. Haven't heard of him for weeks now!)

And I already posted Clinton and Tree a while ago.

Well, as long as it's on the dance-floor, it's funny. When you wanna have sex with someone and he turns ruthie, then it's a little... uhm.... distracting?

However, in my next Lindenlife I'll be a little gnome with no hair and boobies, so I'll never have to fear again, that I'm ruthie and noone tells me. If you ever have the opportunity to see tiger ruthed, please send me the pic! Thanks!

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