Friday, July 25, 2008


<--- Showing my new fangs. Nice with XCite-script inserted. Now I just have to find out why they always get 100% transparent...

Weird day yesterday. Well, day before too, but not that bad as thursday.

On wednesday pretty busy with some new XCite-stuff I bought on tuesday. My dick takes now about half an hour to load because of all the tools that are on it. I was considering to buy 2-3 others so I can change them with different tools. *lol*

And I've been to Nekismo for half an hour. Won the contest there, which surprised me a little, cause none of my friends was there to vote for me. But I left more then the prize money in tips, so that may be the reason, why they vote for me? However, I feel good with all the kittehs there.
Laters to Gabriel's. Danced with Dandy, Nia's RL-sister. I think, I'll adopt her too as my sister. She's sweet and fun and sexy. And she likes company of gay men as Nia did.
And then "Stripes"-night at Domineck's. Was only wearing my (new) stripes and a thong. It's an easy theme for a tiger. *hehe* But didn't win contest and tips were lousy. But we had fun and Dandy came too... And later - OMG - I invited Andrej to meet Nia's sister. And as we stood there face to face it was all... *whooooooooommmmm* ... and good memories and love and I suddenly recognized how much he still means to me and what a big corner of my heart he still owns. We decided to meet soon and have a long talk and refresh friendship (not relationship).

Sooooooo *taking a deep breath* thursday came. I was busy for the first two hours unboxing a lot of nice freebie-stuff I've found. Really cool stuff. Went over to PGC-beach then, where Gregster played. But he didn't recognize me very much and Spanki suddenly disappeared without a word and I was busy in IMs and... well, somehow didn't feel so good.
Then Q invited me to go house-shopping. - And from now on, everything got a mess. Spanki called me to cancel the gig for friday. And it seems, it was my fault again. So, we got in a IM-fight again and I should have watched houses, what could have been an exciting experience, but ended crying somewhere on a terrace and Q didn't even recognize, that I'd needed someone to hug me and the same time Gregster called, kidding around and.... *sigh* It was all messy.
The thing I still don't understand: Why am I selfish? I love my friends and family. And they love me. I think, that's a good thing. That's the way it should be. All in love together. But the one can't accept it. Can't accept that there are more people in my life then only he. And as he can't accept it, I left him. With my heart breaking, but keeping the little rest what left from me. So damnit! Could anyone explain to me, why it is selfish to spread ones love?
The only person who could call me selfish, would be Q. He loves me and takes care of me and spoils me - and all he gets back is a kitteh, that comes home from strolling around at the end of the day, to get fed and get hold when falling asleep. And I already had a bad concious and wanted to leave cause I felt like I had to "pay back" something, but thanks to the long talk with JC the other day, he persuaded me to stay and enjoy.
Soooooo.... Q bought a big villa for us and we want to start a family. With my brothers Rammy and Kyne and my kitten Douggie (if he ever comes back inworld) and my future sister Dandy and my almost brothers Tree and Dashiel and Stev and all the friends. That would be pretty close to my dream. And everybody who got only love in his heart is welcome, but those who can't accept it and are full of jealousy and envy better should stay away.

Well, later I calmed down and worked and entertained and looked good. And I bought some leather-stuff for my little bro, so he won the first prize at the contest (well, he had to share... with me), so I was pretty proud of him. And things looked better and I decided to go over to that club, where Kaj DJd, and there I met J., with whom I had a nice threesum on the dancefloor a few weeks ago... and I only wanted to invite him to neko-night on sunday at Dom's to meet him there again, as the owner of the club started to yell at me in IM:
[21:28] ER: hey Franz..don't promote other clubs in min ek?
[21:29] me: tag is off. and this is a private talk!
[21:29] ER: excuse me?
[21:29] ER: this is a private club
[21:30] ER: you'll respect my wishes here or leave
[21:30] me: I said, this is a private talk between J~ and me
[21:30] me: can't I make a date with him? that's strange...
[21:31] ER: what u can't promote other clubs on my main..period
[21:31] ER: know what..fuck it..bye bye

...... and ejected me. Ever heard something crazy like that? Gee, there ARE some crazy people in SL!!! So, I would mention the name of the club and tell you "Don't ever go there!" (sorry, Kaj!), but damn, I don't wanna promote it in mentioning the name. *lol*

So, I was a little upset at the end and couldn't sleep. Went shopping with Q (tiger tails; but not sure, if they really fit me...) and then he put me to bed. Talking for a while. Poor Q was a little upset because of Spanks who made me cry. He's so protective and that feels good.

However, weird night it was. Must have been thursday....

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