Saturday, July 5, 2008

Niambraa Lykin R.I.P.

About an hour ago I came into world, really tired but in good mood. Now I'm devastated. My lovely sister Niambraa Lykin left us. Not only in SL, but she committed suicide in RL two weeks ago. She was 23 years hold. Lived in the Netherlands. Was part Hindi. And she looked like a goddess - not only in SL.

This was her last letter to her SL-friends and family:

Greetings my dear friends.
As you all know i'm not here anymore. Though our hearts are still one. You've all helped me when i was down. My greatest thanks for that. I love you so much my friends. But i just had to go it was my time to go. As you all know a couple weeks before my dead my kitty Twinkle died. I felt weak for weeks. And now i couldnt hold the pain anymore i just had to go. Heaven is my home now. And i'm with Twinkle my lil kitty. I'm happy at least. Though i miss you all so much. Please don't drop any of you're tears. Cause i wouldnt want you to. You all have to keep going and walk you're life path. And find happines and don't try to live like i lived.
SL friends, family, close ones... I love you and sooner or later i will open you're doors to heaven. That's a promise.
I love you and miss you alot, Farewell...

I'm writing this entry with tears running down my face and my whole body trembling in pain cause of the loss. It's not only a SL-loss -which would be bad enuff. I knew her (RL) face, I knew her voice and we felt deeply connected from the first moment we met. Somewhere deep inside of me there's the hope, that it's just a kind of bad, bad joke; a SL-committed suicide, a overdo of role-playing or something like that. The hope that she is okay in RL. She was a little down from the death of her little kitten, but seemed okay apart from that. Had found a new love and deserved to be happy.

I feel paralized at the moment. Not able to move. Not even able to log off. As if SL is my connection to her, and if I switch it off it would be, as if she had never existed.

I will miss you so much, Kitana!!!

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Jordyn Carnell said...

Tomorrows post on my main blog is scheduled to be about this..

I did not know Kitana.. yet I know her.. You have written a very eloquent post.