Monday, July 28, 2008

ruthies of the weekend

Two more pics for my ruthie-collection! *hehe*

Clinton, Q and some others convinced me on saturday to take the night off. Was kinda relaxing. So I just strolled around, did some more inventory-cleaning, joined party at Jakes and later went to Dom's for the "lickable latex" party. As I arrived there, most of the guys were ruthie to me. That was really funny. All the supposed to be hotties ruthed...

But I have to admit: Especially Q (in blue) looked somehow very cute. Well, the boobies are ignorable. But Buger (in red) was cute too.

I could have taken more pics, but the other ruthies I didn't know.

JC came over for a while too (still waiting to get a ruthie-pic of him). He did party-jumping. I wanted to join him laters for the next party, but I was too distracted in IMs. And somehow I felt a little sick (RL). One of the miceys must have been rotten...


Jordyn Carnell said...

not sure if this is a comment or a post!

i'm not sure it would have been much fun.. Saturday went from Jake's to Dom's to the SLBootie party then took theDiva to Mt. Olympus (Jez was DJ for 2nd time ever!) then somewhere I forget then back to Jake's I think.. then visited other friends I think.. and right now I'm not sure where I logged out!

Took Sunday off of SL and added prescheduled posts to

in RL: met up with a friend.. went to the pool (for first time this week! i'm getting sooooo lazy) ate out: qusadillas for lunch, coffee and cupcake for a snack (vanilla) and teriaki for dinner.. went shopping for some food and wine (my parents really like their wine).. fucked for an hour.. and slept like a baby!

all in all a good day!

Franziskus said...

/me chuckles "Yesh, that's more a post then a comment. So you continue writing your blog now on my blog? Thas fine! You just shouldn't forget adding in your blog something like 'For newest entry see comment #xx at Franzis blog!'.

I liked "fucked for an hour"... Sounds like a good start, but have you been under time-pressure?

Jordyn Carnell said...

was tired from all the errands!