Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ball worship in SL!!!

Don't ask me about that headline. It's hard to explain. Just found out, that the question "Would you come home with me and help me adjusting my balls?" (meant were poseballs!) causes some giggles. So Stev and Q told me, they worship my balls *lol* And Stev said, that's prolly the next headline in my blog. And yesh! Here it is. So, prolly from now on I have to stand next to (or sit on?) the giant red dildo, which is usually worshipped at Domineck's, to get my balls worshipped? Dunno, if I'd like that...

Okis, so my mood is... fine! Great! Apart from the fact that I lost internet-connection right at the moment the event at Dom's started for over an hour. But many people seemed to have problems yesterday. I missed a lot of friends.

But it was a relaxed evening. Did a little shopping, strolling around, talking, a little business (We have a premier-Ad at Dom's now and I saw the pic that Spanki made for it and it looks AWESOME!!!), lots of IMs, made a new love-menu in my new kitteh-bed (that's why "my" balls need adjustment), Spanki called me in the morning and wants to dance on Friday at Dom's too (what made me very happy), Tim and Conner - who danced yesterday - got more then 2000 Lindens tips each (I'm always glad, when they are tipped good, cause somehow I feel responsible), I gave Q and Stev some German-lessons, and I slept very relaxed (and very late) in my new kitteh-bed in Q's arms and continued dreaming of my big "family", cause yesterday it was really close to it.

So, mood is rising. Now I just need some good sex (haven't had for at least 10 days!) and it almost would be purrrrfect!

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quagmire said...

Hmmm, can't sleep much, dreaming of ball worshipping. Duh, I am such a blond, just figured out how to leave a post here. Guess I am going to start one of these blogs too, just thought I would never be lucky enough to start a SL family. It can be Franz. Tigers know where their home is. They are a free-spirits, that must roam free. A heart is something that can not be owned, it must be given freely. I love that I am the one that can put you to sleep. Purrr!