Monday, October 6, 2008


I opened Spanki's blog today and heard the good news. Wanted to just leave a comment on Prince's blog, but either there's no option for it or I just didn't find it (again), so I decided to dedicate the two sweethearts an extra thread.

On Sep, 30th
Spanki Moulliez & Matty Goldlust

have been partnered

Congrats and all my best wishes to both of you!
I'm happy for you!
(Stolen that nice pic; hope you don't mind? =^.^=)

I liked the article and the name of the doggie (and "Fat n lazy" is the name of one of my RL-cats *hehe*) and I'm glad you found happiness in SL. Kisses and hugs to both of you!

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spanki-moulliez said...

Franz! thankyou, omg, you brought tears to my eyes hehe! You sweet tiger! (( huggszzzz ))
Love that song above this post too, never heard that before.. but so nice.
I'm so happy we are friends again. Talk soon I hope, but Im always reading here anyway to see how you and yours are doing, and the Tiger Isle blog too. You kno im happy for you :)
/me gives you big hugszz and BIG smiles x

(p.s. my blog is annoying for replying hehe, its not you. Really shud fix that one day! lol)