Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dust in the Wind

Me photographed by Leigh Eel a while ago, hanging around at the cliffs

Was a short night last night. I didn't feel so well, so went to bed early.

Was building a little more, but not too much. Have to get ready soon...

We installed Spanki's new store on the skybox. Looks pretty good. The pictures he took of us are good too. I love "Milk and Kissesz". If you want a tiger and a panther on your wall, go inworld and buy it! =^.^=

He showed me his other shop at Premier Evolution too. And Rammy joined us. Then showing Rammy the skybox /neko-hangout/-mall/-whatever and then our private brother-hangout on my parcel.

Recognizing, we got new neighbors. He ignored parcel-boundaries, filled the ditch between the parcels which should be there following the covenant, raised his land about 5 meters over all the other parcels around him.... well, "nice" way to introduce to your neighbors.

However... why "Dust in the Wind"? Nothing spectacular. I just realized that the whirling dust and junk I had bought wasn't just whirling dust and junk but an Avatar! So I've put it on and floated around for a while as whirling dust, junk, paper. That was fun! \o/

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