Thursday, October 16, 2008

Make Me Whole

Can't tell so much what happened last night. Somehow it seemed a short night and suddenly six hours or so were gone. Hm.... Spent most of the time on my parcel, chatted a lot in IMs, deleted the Castle as it was really too dark. And build a neko-wasteland instead. I like it! And I'm considering to build a copy of it somewhere in the sky over tiger's isle. Maybe for neko-parties... Hang around there with brothers Neville, Justyn and Kyne.

Title of this entry? Dunno... I like the Yaoi-Pictures. Missing Q to continue our talk and clear things. Still in an interim-state, still hurt, still love. *sigh* Hope to see him soon, but he needs some rest.

Tried to translate one of my poems for sweet Neville into english. Isn't so easy...



from brain
from soul
to a piece of paper

gedichte sind
ängste und sorgen
gefühle und wünsche
aus dem kopf
aus dem herzen
auf ein stück papier

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