Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm so excited

Oh, still so busy, but feeling gooooood! Too bad I didn't see my beloved much on friday and saturday. He's still sick and caughing, so I had to send him to bed for him to get some rest. But missing him. But sunday he was there for neko-night. *purrrr* And he calls me "Starshine" now. I think I like it. Trying to sparkle *me puts on some more body-oil*

Don't have much to tell. Was working a lot RL, then coming inworld and working here. Started to build a big grungy neko-hangout over the isle. I think, it looks good. So, I worked there on saturday for about 4 or 5 hours, talking to friends and brothers in IMs and to Q via msn. So, time just flew bye.

Continued working on it on sunday. Then showed to Spanki, who wants to make a photo-shop/-studio. Good idea! I think he's potential as photographer. He called it "Erotikatz". Sounds cool. And I modelled with him for some pictures. That was enjoyable fun... so much fun, that we really had to resist the urge to do more afterwards. But it's not the right moment for that. I don't want to play with my brothers (and others) this way as long as relationship with my beloved isn't 100% again. Which may sound a little weird? dunno... *me shrugs* However, Spanki understands that. - But not so much other brother Jeremie, who's a little sex-maniac atm. Hm, I think he's in heat. *hehe* Well, he was quite rude these days and said "good-bye!" last night, but I hope he will calm down and recognize one day, that brotherhood has so much more to offer then sex... And once a brother, always a brother.

So, things were pretty good for tiger this weekend though a little exhausted from work. But I did one of the things I like the most - which is building - and another - which is talking - and another - which is jumping in Q's arms and nuzzling his neck - and another - which is cuddling with Spanki - and things becoming fine between Q and me and I enjoy to be Spanki's best friend again and I talked to Andrej in IMs for a while... hehe - he said, the longer he's in SL, the cooler he reacts to drama. Ish the opposite to me. In my first days everything seemed so easy and the biggest problem was, where to find the right penis. Now things easily turn into drama. Brother Neville says "I hate drama - but drama loves me". Yeah! So right for me too. However... no big dramas this week. Most of the time pretty happy. Just uncle Rickie is a little frustrated. Not so sure, why. We had a confusing talk on friday. Didn't understand a word. But if you meet my uncle, then rub his belly and fondle his ears. Will yer?

(oh God! He was soooo cute yesterday as tiny-leo, which is his zodiac. Okay... only "Leo" is the zodiac... there's no zodiac called "tiny-leo"!) And no idea, what's with brother Neville. Ish such a sweetheart, but was depressed somehow too. Hope to have more time for him these days. And somehow I totally lost thread. Did you recognize that? Well, the reasons may be, that a) I feel so good and b) I'm so excited.

Yesh, so we're back at the title. Why am I excited? Because of this:

No, not the kissing-contest. But JC making his rez-party on our isle. I'm so excited... and scared... and excited... and nervous... and did I mention the excitement??? Only 6 days to go! *me jumping from one foot to the other - tail whipping the air around me - scratching my ears - suddenly getting distracted by my own tail* We will build a sky-box for the event. But I have no idea how it should look like. Cowboy said "... that represents tiger's isle". Oh my! Tiger's isle represents tiger's isle. God! Hopefully noone will recognize how excited I am! Using the litter-box 3 times an hour... oops! 4 times! *me runs*

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Neko Nevie said...

It is a confuzzling world we live in, brother. Yes, I have a lot on my little neko mind right now, and you know how easily distracted and distraught a neko can become. I'm around, but I need to take a step back while all the dust settles around here. And I'm a new home owner and trying to get it all perdy. Good luck with you and Q.