Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Together

I have no idea where time went last night. I think I was busy building the sky-box over the isle when suddenly brother JoJo came inworld. Missed my shmexie, lovely brother so much! Of course had to run to him and pounce him and talk and talk an talk. Hours ran bye, we had family meeting on the brother-hangout.... JoJo, Daffy, Spanki, Neville, me and Q joined us a little later, what made me so happy.

Went to the neko-mall/hangout over the isle later and I tried to create my first tail. And going to Mendance for half an hour to watch DJ Mathieu Karlsbar who will be DJ on sunday's rez-party. Then cleaning the isle a little for the party to reduce lag. And after work was done finally sitting in the pool, cuddling with Q, talking and talking and talking...

... and yes! Finally I made a proposal and he said yes!!! So

on october, 22d
Mr. Quagmire Juran
Tr. Franziskus Ninetails
got partnered

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SpAnKi said...

Congrats brother, to you and Quag, for renewing your partnership. I am very happy for you both. You really do seem to go good together :) and I'm sure that the rocky patch you just came thru will only make your love stronger and long lasting with a deeper understandin for each other. Wishin you both every happiness, Spanks x