Friday, October 17, 2008

Get Busy

Yes, was quite busy last night, but enjoyed it. Finally got aims again! Too many of them, but every journey starts with the first step. The last days were kinda aim-less. Well, I enjoyed strolling around, meeting and talking to my brothers and friends, but somehow always felt a little lost, as I didn't know in which direction to go.

So, I met my beloved again. Only for half an hour as he's sick and has to be in bed, but it was good. Felt so right in his arms. *purr* Still things to talk about and to make clear, but I'm optimistic.

Took me a while to find a costume for being Dandy. And to find questions for a Oscar Wilde - trivia. Didn't know how to decorate Viktorian, so I just made an English garden with a gazebo...

So, as work finally was done, I joined Spanki at the new Premier club. Always love to dance with him, especially with DJ Gregster playing. And Greg always knows how to get a tiger nekkid. Brother Justyn joined us and we were stroking and rubbing Spanki's butt to make his tail grow, as he's a potential neko. And I think, that I recognized something growing, but on the wrong side of his body. Later on brother Jeremie joined us too and even as Greg had finished we stood there and danced and chatted and danced. Loved to be with my brothers. (Borrowed the pics from Justyn's blog...) A little tiger Spike joined us too. I guess, someone was very fond of him, hm?

So, after dancing we helped each other with the dicks. *lol* No, not how it sounds... Just finding and installing XCite-textures to match their body-tan.
Hanging out for a while at the new grungy sky-box I'm building. And Justyn making it his home made me pretty happy. I love to have a hang-out for the bro's.

But then it was time for the Dandy-party. I loved the theme. Too bad it wasn't so busy as expected. Hm... Maybe the confusion of the last week did some work? Dunno.

Am a little concerned about uncle Rickie. Didn't really talk to me for the last days. Don't know, what's wrong now. Things are getting peaceful and in chime, even fine with Rod and - wow! surprise! - Clinton talked nicely to me. That's what I like: Peace, love, harmony, dancing... A day without drama. It was a good day. (Well, except that my internet-connexion broke down at the end and that I only saw my beloved for half an hour; but he needs some rest to get healthy quick!)

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Justyn Maurer said...

I'm glad ur sorting things out with Q now. Thankies to tiger for putting me up in hiz sky's purrfect =^.^= I wuz kinda feelin lost without a home to return to but not anymore, yays! And yeah someone did have a crush on Spike, I wonder who?? Hehee...