Friday, October 24, 2008

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No video today as I don't know, what to feel. The happiness of partnering lasted... how long? One night or so. No matter how many experiences I make, I'm always surprised about the hatred and disingenuousness of some people and their possibility to lie, cheat and betray. So, what do you do with a person, who tells your hubbie and the whole world, that you're unworthy your beloved's love and you have nothing to offer? *shrugs*

However, I don't have much to tell. Talked a while to my hubbie in IMs, danced at Premier, then hosted our own "Best in Kilts" event. And waited... That's all I can do. And finally been put to bed by my love after a long talk, but feeling happy in his arms.

A special thanks to my brother Spanki, who tried to calm me and to give me the strength to forgive and understand. I'm not sure, if I find it anymore after the last night...

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Quagmire said...

Left out that we talked awhile in each others arms, before drifting off to sleep. Always love putting Starshine to bed. I wished that made you feel as secure as it does me.
What do you do about negative opinions, decide for yourself that you are worthy and you know what you have to offer, we have talked about your incredible talents and capacity to love many times. I wish you could see them for yourself, I see them and so do all your brothers.
Thank you Spanki, as well, I know what you said for your brother, and you are right on. I hope to be-friend you soon and that we can come to know each better. You are a very wise man.