Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Personality of Nekos

I said, I write some things about being neko. Well, it may not be the absolute truth, just my own observations of attitudes and personality. I'm sure, there are exceptions which are purrfect nekos but totally different. But some people think, it's enuff to put a tail and some ears on and say "I'm neko now!". Sorry, if you don't feel it, you aren't. And some people out there are very neko without even wearing a tail and ears.
Well, I think there are dog-people and there are cat-people. A dog is pretty easy to handle. Show him strength and he will adore you till the end of his life. A cat is much more difficile. Everyone who got a RL-cat as pet knows what I'm talking about. =^.^= Not for nothing there's the old say "A dog has a master. A cat has staff."

Okay, lets start with random thoughts about nekos...

First of all: We're cute, sexy and beautiful! No matter if we're dressed fancy or filthy. We're always cute, sexy and beautiful.

We are shilly-shally. Yes, we know exactly, what we want! ...as long as we don't have it. When we got it, we don't want it anymore. When we're outside, we're crying at your door till you open it and let us in. But as soon as door is closed, we want out. Hey, there could be something interesting out there! I know, after 4 or 5 times opening and closing that door, you're so enervated, that you'd like to beat us. But you don't. Because we're just so cuuuuuuuute! =^.^=

We love to shop and dress. And we're very angry at LindenLab, that they don't offer some additional bodyspots for attachments just for us nekos! How to wear claws, several rings and those awwwwwesome gloves at the same time? But that way we became masters in attaching stuff to impossible bodyspots and move and edit it, till it looks right (I heard of that neko-girl attaching her vagina to her nose.... well, not a big problem). When you invite a neko and he says "Give me a minute, have to get dressed", then be prepared for at least half an hour waiting time.

We're easily to distract. Don't command attention longer then.. let's say... uhm... oh, look! Those dust-particles in the sunbeam. How fascinating!

We need attention and tender loving care. But only when we're in the mood*). We might have ignored you the whole day and now you are... lets say: sitting at your computer. We're sneaking up behind you, jumping in your lap, turning around 20 times... Meow!?... leaving you in the most impossible sitting-position and sleeping warm and safe and content in your lap. Smiling and purring. Did I mention, we're just too cute?
*)There's only one exception to that rule: When you're down, really down... we will always come and be there. No matter what.

Always treat us nice. We peed on your carpet? Sorry, there's no sense in yelling at us. A doggie might crawl guilty to the corner, but a kitten? We will look at you with our big, innocent, blankly eyes and just wonder, why you're yelling. And while you're yelling, we might just think "Hmmmm, those dust-particles in the sunbeam really were fascinating... Oh, look! There they are again!". And if you do it too often, we might just turn around and leave.

We fight! We have claws, we have fangs, we have flexible bodies, we have reflexes. - We use it! And everyone knows: When you see cats fighting, you better keep out. Furious and quick scratching and biting, that's our way of fighting. And 5 minutes later we will lick each others bleading ears and be best friends again. Don't try to buttonhole us in endlessly discussion. That's not our game. We all suffer from ADHD and get bored easily, so don't wonder, when we turn around and... oh, look! There's a grashopper! *jump* Oh, and after a fight we always look like we just won a battle. Don't blame us. It's nature. Tells nothing about our true feelings.

We're curious. Curiousity kills the cat, they say. So what?!? We have nine lifes! :P On one side we need to keep track of our closer environment. We have to know everything, just to feel safe and warm in our home. At the same time we like to explore new worlds, but there we always are suspicious, cautious and... "What was that on neighbor's parcel? the grashopper again? brb!"

I'm thinking about our way of socializing, but at this point, I scouted big differences. Some of us are very easy socializing, like me: Running up to every stranger, nuzzling, rubbing head at their legs, testing, how it feels. It's exciting. - Others are very cautious with strangers. Sit and watch. Looking indifferent, maybe arrogant. But don't let yourself be deceived. - They have an eye on you! (As long as that funny little grashopper doesn't distract their focus)

We love our independence and freedom, and we love our homes. I guess, this fence-sitting is the most difficult feature in handling a cat. Try to clinch - we will leave. Try to control us - we will leave. Try to give us freedom - and we will... feel neglected and leave.

Yes, we're not easy to handle. But give us a home, the feeling we're loved, enuff carressing, and we are the most beautiful and loving creatures you can imagine. Oh, and cute! Did I mention "cute"? - Well, that's it so far. Maybe extendable, but I have to watch the reflexions on the kitchen-floor now...


Quagmire said...

Only comment I leave, weather you choose to believe, is that my revolving door is always open.

Justyn Maurer said...

That sums us up purrfectly =^.^= Even on neko nite parties u cans spot the fake nekos who just put on tail n ears to fit in. Sooo true that being a neko iz more thans looks, it's a state of being, but lets not forget da accessories! I need to getz sum new boots...um, where wuz i? Oooo those dust particles in da sunlight ARE really facinating...

SpAnKi said...

I love this post :)

Lots of these observations fit me too, I think, much more than Vampire, so perhaps I got confused about my fangs. Not sure where my ears and tail is thou.. perhaps I just wear them in spirit. Purring feels like it cud come so naturally to me! hehe x

((( hugszzz you )))