Sunday, October 12, 2008


Yesh, copying the thread-title of shmexie Justyn's entry. Here's the video out of "Cats". First I wanted to post Barbra, but as we're nekos...

And here's one of my favorite songs of Barbra from the movie "The way we were". Ah, such a talented woman!

Inspired by Justyn's entry and Spanki's new "positive blog", I decided to remind myself of some sweet memories:

The first time we were slow-dancing together, my claws sliding down his naked upper body, causing shivers.

The boots I bought him, how happy he has been with them and refused to ever take them off again, even in bed.

The first spanking I got, him so cute in his fear to hurt me. Still makes me smile.

How he bought a Toscana Villa for us, just because I mentioned, that I like them.

His persistence in putting me to bed every night. How warm and safe I felt there in his arms, taking the feeling with me into RL.

How he continued misspelling mine and other's names. So sweet, somehow.

How proud I was, getting an island named after me.

The warm feeling of being believed in and encouraged.

The day I found the moon-swing in the garden, after I mentioned, that we need a swing. And how I loved to swing there, my head on his shoulders, feeling nothing but love.

The night we danced in the snow-globe for hours.

How he has been happy as a lark about a Quag-costume I bought for him.

That he never stopped giving me permission to edit his stuff, no matter how weird I acted.

Did I mention falling asleep in his arms every night? The warm and safe and loved feeling.

How eager he has been to buy little presents for his kitten, to make it happy, although a hug would have been enough. But who complains about getting a little spoiled? =^.^=

The dancing together, him behind me... tall... protective and shy the same time, my naughty tail sliding between his thighs.

So, sooner or later these will be the things I remember. Nothing else.

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Quagmire said...

Thank you, just remember these things and we will be alright!