Saturday, October 25, 2008

Somewhere that's Green

Was such a good night last night. Hubbie and me went house-shopping as he didn't want the villa anymore. Hm, somehow I liked the villa, but we decided, this time it should be only for the two of us; so we bought a smaller house. And it's soooo cute! For the family we use the neko-hangout over my old parcel.

So, we spent the whole night together. Needed that time for us after all that trouble in the last weeks. I loved it. And I'm so happy!

Well, after work of the day was done, I got my shiny little ass spanked a little for... hm... not exactly sure for what, but liked it anyways! =^.^= Some more will be coming this week... And we tested a new sofa I've bought. Oh my! It's so good! It's from one of my favorite shops at Camarade: Kobimotion. I bought a lots of beds, rugs and sofas there. They aren't expensive - 350 L$ for the adult-version of the beds. With 3sums included. The animations and poses in it are really, really good! So, I can't wait to test some more of the poses in that sofa with my hubbie tonite.... *purrrrrrz*

Oh, and we got a bunny in the garden (not sure, if it will still be there, when I've let Byakko, my white tiger, out...):


Justyn Maurer said...

Dat country cottage iz soooo cute, and a bunneh in da garden too...i love bunnehs, wanna go pet it now.

It's great to hear that your renewing your partnership with Q again, you two are so right for each other. This may be a wee bit late but: Congrats Bro! Don't heed da negative words that others have spoken over you just keep da positive ones :) You and Q know the love that you have for each other and no one can take that away from you. So wishing you both all the happiniss together.

Justyn licks your face and nuzzles in your neck...purrzzzzzzz =^.^=

ps. thankies sooo much for setting me up in our hangout...can't wait to try out that bed, but hmmm, who with? heheee. RL work is picking up pace so not much time online as much but i'll be there on Sun for JC's big event. Can't wait!

Franziskus said...

Thankies so many for your words, brother. Means a lot to me!

And Spanki, Rammy and me already tested the bed (with clothes on, so.... no wet spots on the sheets!) and talked about you may have to adjust some poses, but we all agreed, that you'll find volunteers for that (me raises hand and waves "here! here!"). It's got a 3sum too. Oh, and the rug at the hang-out on the ground has a 4sum. Sooooo nice!