Monday, October 13, 2008

My weekend

Well, I wanted to take a time-out, but somehow I'm too addicted. =^.^= And lots of talking was necessary or un-necessary. Some pointless, some pretty good. So, I won't talk about it atm.

Let's just talk about the good things then: Floated around in space with Spanki last night for a long while. I love that space-place. He wrote a long article about it. So, read it there. Was a good feeling, holding him in my arms, soothing. I'm glad, I could be there for him, when he needed someone.

Later I went to Tiger's Isle for Neko Night. Were not much guests. Well, little neglected under the circumstances of the last week; stands to reason... - However, we had fun. More and more guests arrived and we made a kind of dance-off: Kaj, Malden and a guy-whos-name-I-forgot-too synced on the one side, Everett, Justyn, Neville and me dancing synced to my huddles opposite of them. Dancing and flirting makes me forget all the troubles and sorrows for a while. So, it was pretty fine. Kaj played about half an hour longer then scheduled, just because we had fun (and ended all nekkid, of course).
After all guests had left, only Neville, Justyn and me stayed. We continued dancing and talked and talked and talked. And at the end... well, I've got two new brothers. YAY! \o/ Justyn described it pretty well. Read it there. Kindred spirits - Yesh! And soon I have to update my "Who-is-who" and to write something about "Being Neko"... But ish too late today and inworld calls!

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Quagmire said...

"I may be independent and a loner at times but i'm fiercely loyal to my clan and family. " maybe this is what describes me as well, but i will never know.