Monday, October 6, 2008

And the winner is....

Let's talk about contests. - I wasn't sure, if I should post the thread here or at the Tiger's Isle blog, but as it is my own opinion I post it here.

So, my friend and dancer shmexie Justyn wrote something about alts and tp'ing friends to contests. And yesh, I agree! What are contests for? Club-owners spend a lot of money to attract guests to the club and make them stay. So it's definitely not the idea and not fair to the other guests to invite friends and alts only for a minute to vote for someone and vanish again. I think it's oki, when you invite your friends, they stay and they vote for you, although me for my part always vote for the one who has the best combination of costume, sympathy and entertainment. - Oh, wait! That's me most of the time! *me chuckles* Okay, then the second-best! *hehe*

We are considering to set the contest-board to "Group only". Some might say, that's elitist, but I don't think so. Everybody who stays a while as guest is free to ask for group-membership and will get it. It just prevents from those cheaters. And last thursday showed, that it is necessary. I'm so happy, that the cheater didn't win despite inviting 6 strangers/alts, that disappeared after voting again, and instead Justyn won the contest with 7 votes. Congrats, shmexie!

So, what's your opinion? Feel free to leave comments!


karlherber said...

One of the options I've seen used successfully is that only people who have actually entered the contest are allowed to vote, and contest entry closes half an hour before voting begins. That way it ensures that those voting are also participating. I guess in the event of a tie the prize can be split, or else a nominated staff member could have a deciding vote.

Jordyn Carnell said...

Karl.. much as I hate it.. i like it! (And i don't consider those who tp in their friends at the last minute "cheaters" unless the rules are clear in not allowing that. So karl, you have outlined a great solution!)

Still.. the ULTIMATE problem is "How does a club remain financially viable" and that question is trickier to answer.. just keeping people in the club doesn't make them tippers after all.. and just having a store beside the club doesn't make people go into it.. any ideas there/

Franziskus said...

Hi, Karl! Thanks for visiting my blog. - And hey, that's a good idea. Have to check that. Only Problem would be, that Q and me can't vote either, as we don't join the contests ourselves most of the time.

And JC - Gee, is a club ever financially viable? Immense tiers, paying DJs, buying decoration.... There'd have to be a lot, lot, lot tippers that you'd get even.
And I still disagree: I vote for those who really have the best mixture of costume + entertainment + personality. Oki, I admit: Me too tried to invite friends from time to time and ask friendly to vote for me, but only when I'm convinced, that I'm really the one with the best costume (oki, call me arrogant.... But tiger loves to create costumes!). It's also oki, if others do that. But it always makes me a little angry, when people win which aren't in a costume at all and didn't say anything for 2 hours.