Tuesday, October 14, 2008

wind beneath my wings

Well, I'm running out of titles, so I just will chose song-titles, that have a special meaning to me.

Sooooo, another day passed by. Build a sky-castle on my old parcel. It's big, but too dark for me. Don't know if and how I'd use it. Just the second I told Spanki in IM that I built a sky-castle on my parcel, he asked me, if he should build a sky-castle for me on my parcel. Always makes me smile, that we still are able to read each others minds.
So, I showed Spanki my new sky-castle on my parcel, talked a while... and yes! Became brothers! Yay! \o/
We went to explore that Black Swan world, of which I read about at inVdaily. Invited other brother Jeremie to come with us. But they both didn't buy that watch and were ejected. I bought it and got a quick look at a fascinating world. Will have to explore that soon! Jeremie showed us his new house and Spanks had to leave soon. So, Jer and me sat in the hot tub and talked and talked and talked. As he had to go to bed too, it was time to stroll around. Meeting stud Lance at the club, dancing a while with him.... Mmmmm, I'm not so much into hairy chests, but he always makes me want to jump on him and rub myself at that soft fur. *purrrrr*

Well, then met JC for another talk, talk, talk. - People continue to tell Q and me, that it's prolly better to "just be friends". D'oh. What do they know? I mean - what do they know what *I* do *not* know? But as they continue telling me... I'd better accept, that it's time to give up.

So, there's only the work on the jungle for me to finish soon, then I'm finally out there. And now I have to go to search for a new job, as I'm kinda unemployed. That's no good for a kitten like me, as those damn shops just don't stop offering hot stuff to buy. *hehe*

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