Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I love this pic up there. Reminds me of my favorite painter Steve Walker. Well, except that the men on his paintings are not wearing silks. And they are not green.

Yes, my brother Rammy gave me a green elf-skin. And I liked it. Amazing, how just a skin and different hair can change the whole appearance!

I had to transform into human as the theme was "Best in Silks" - and silks aren't made for nekos. So, as I was changing anyways, I changed everything else too. New skin (no, not the green one), new piercings... It should have been only for the party, but after what happened, I decided to keep it for a while.

Oki, however... *sighs* Let's make it official: Yesterday I ended partnership to my beloved hubbie. I packed all my stuff and moved.

So, Tiger wanted to be allowed to be a little kitten. Happily playing around with his family. Curious snuffling at conspecifics. Without sorrows. Naive and big eyed gazing at the world. Curling up in someone special's lap. Being foolish sometimes. But always feel loved without any conditions, terms and rules. - That's what I wanted. And yes, sometimes - in very special and precious moments - I got it. I'm thankful for these precious moments.

Have no idea, where to go from here. Feeling pretty numb. But yes, it's time for changes...

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Justyn Maurer said...

So sorry to hear about that hun. My heart goes out to you Franzi, looks like we're both in the same boat now eh. Hawt new look btw but i hope the shmexie tiger will come back soon * hugs and a licks*