Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sleep Tight Tiger

Uhm, this is my lullaby. /me blushes

Yeah, I'd need some more sleep. Def. 2 days only 4 hours each. But I hope the last night was worth it.

Spanki got a new job as host in Gregster's club. And as I'm/was (?) kinda unemployed too, I supported him as dancer. Mmmmmm, like in our best times. Can't help it, but we are good in that business! But hm, tips were not the best. Maybe I should write a thread about the job as dancer one day. Mikey (mtd1952) did it in the inVdaily-blog once, but I'm too lazy atm to search for the link. I think, a lot of people/guests don't know how much work it really is, at least when you are good at it. When someone just uses the dance-animation, saying nothing at all except some annoying spam-gestures, then don't tip him. But when you enjoy your time at a club because of really good dancers and hosts, then show them, that you appreciate the work! However a shift for a good dancer is two or more hours stress and adrenalin. Exhausting, but I think we enjoy the adrenalin-kick and the attention. Every good dancer is an attention-whore, that's how Jojo calls it. *hehe*
So, I worked for two hours, then just danced for two hours and then just more or less chilled for another two hours, working on IMs or just letting the mind flow. Brother Rammy was there for a while, didn't talk much. Brother Jeremie too for a while. Was a nice time. Just dancing.

After I hugged Spanki good-bye and parties were over, I went back to my sky-castle. I said, it's too dark inside for me. I need light. So, I played around outside. Had the sudden idea of making it snow. A rug, a fireplace... nice. Maybe I don't need more then that?
A short visit at Blu-Bar later. Still not too fond of that place. Sure, it's crowded and music is good, but open chat is boring and always getting terrible laggy. One of those places where you are alone in the middle of a crowd. There are lots of them out there. Why going out for that at all? To be busy in IMs I can as well turn on the radio in my parcel and dance in the garden. No difference except less lag.

Sooooooo, finally I met with Q and JC (as councelor) and we talked for the next... how much?... 5 or 6 hours? That's why I'm a little tired. And I was so tired at the end, that I'm not even sure, if we came to a conclusion or not. I just know, that he caught me in his arms and I fell asleep on his shoulder, and that felt just right...

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Quagmire said...

Don't know if I will be in world tonight. I have a good case of bronchitis and the doctor wants me to stay in bed. But I do have to come inworld sometime to get the party a little organized from my end with you and Daf. This time off sl might give us both time to come to conclusions or atleast have something to talk about with our councelor JC. Reach me by email.
The link mtd wrote about in InV is:
I have some thoughts on why even good dancers, hosts and clubs are not tipped well but they don't include these communities as a whole. Don't get me wrong there are alot of generous people in SL, thank you Dyson and Rickie to name a few. With out Rickie Tiger's eye club could have gone down weeks ago. But in general the gay community does not tip well, I don't know why, but I do know gay single men most often times have more money than the general population, I guess because they don't have family responsibilities for the most part. Then we belong to a sub-group called neko's, and well I guess it costs alot of money to have all the accessories the neko needs, no money left for tips. Then in the U.S., the rest of the world may not know but we are going through a digital-depression, a depression, just like the 1930's. Luckly, I have not been hit hard by it, yet. Now all these reasons are just generalizations, not everyone fits in one catagory and there are many other excuses. But if you can and if you enjoy a club say so and tip the staff, keep things going so you can keep having fun.
Well enuff of my rant. Yes it did feel good Tiger to have you back on my shoulder where you belong. You know you will always have a place there and in my heart.