Monday, January 14, 2008

Time with Rammy and Jerry

Lot's of fun yesterday after work! - I met Rammy and we tried a dance together. It's kind of square dance to the song "time warp". We tried synchronize our moves and made it once. It looked fabulous! But we still have to practise till we can enter Broadway...

Afterwards I showed Rammy how to parachute. He had some problems with it. Little coward he is! - Oh, well... it IS a little dangerous to fall down from 1000 meters, when you forget to PUT THE DAMN THING ON! *lol* But we enjoyed it a lot! (And even it looks as if I were naked - no! I was wearing speedos!)

Then we met Jeremy at the boy's house. He was waiting for his spanking cause he didn't tell me the truth on saturday. Rammy watched. But somehow Jerry was absent-minded. So we didn't go to extremes (as if I would ever do that!).

Rammy told me, he would be away the next two weeks. Too bad! I like the little possum...

Didn't meet JP though he was online. He called me a few minutes be4 he left, just to say good night. I think, he isn't really interested in me. We are too different. *sniffle*

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Jordyn Carnell said...

on JP: it's hard to keep in touch with all your friends every night.. i can't do it.. never could.. closest thing i can do is open up a conference and say hi to everyone at the same time! (sometimes i single people out i haven't talked to in a while and IM them to find out what they have been up to)