Monday, January 14, 2008

Jeremia's revenge

Half an hour before dinner Jeremiah called. He said, I'd deserve a spanking for lying to him too. - Fact is: I said I didn't knew or see that he got spanked by Nino for giving 12yo Sean a beer. But I just had forgotten. He proved to me that I was present, cause he had a picture of it where I sat in the background. Damnit!

I guess there were just too many spankings in the last two weeks. How should I remember them all?

But no excuses! He's right: I lied to him, even if I didn't realize it. So I accepted the spanking. I was wearing my new school-uniform to be prepared for the future lessons. *hehe*

We made an appointment for later that day. But I had to work and to write my reports. So I'm way over time now. Hope, he's not angry with me!!!

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Jordyn Carnell said...

everybody in that house must have a permanent red ass!