Monday, January 21, 2008

Nude Sunday

Oh, what a sunday! - I met Rammy again, my dear lovely friend and kind of bro. We had so much fun. Working on our dance together with Stromer, who joined us. Poor Jeremy could only watch; I'm not sure why he didn't join us dancing... would be much better if we were at least 6 boys to do the timewarp in class!
However! Somehow it didn't work as good as it did the day before. Don't know, if we are ready for a performance in class!? But we added some new moves (the neck-breaker). It looks terrific!

Then we spent hours naked. Why? Well, Rammy, Jeremy and Stromer showed very impressed of my XCite!-Penis. They wanted to have the same. So we went shopping and bought one for every boy. I spent hours to explain it to them. Rammy was a little sleepy, he didn't ever listen. Always was busy adjusting his new tool. *lol* But again: Sorry, no pics! I really have get to become used to my camera!!!

I worry a little about Stromer. I'm not sure if he recognized, that I'm Jimmy's best friend!?

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Jordyn Carnell said...

lol 'a round of penis for everyone!'