Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Let's talk about penisses today! But don't wait for pics. *lol*

One of the biggest problems a male newbie has: "How tha f**k shall I f**k without a cock???"

I was looking around. You won't find good freebie-penisses. Some of them look really ridiculous. (A big white one attached somewhere on my knee!) - Some look nice, but don't have any functions. And HUDs won't help either.

If you are a big boy like Jimmy, you can wear one of the Freebie-penisses at "Fat Tiger". (Hey, I just found out how to link a SLURL!) You'll get 4 different P's for free: Uncut/cut version "light" and uncut/cut version "dark". - They have the options "show", "hide", "soft", "hard" and "cum". That's all, but who needs more?
Problem is: They are soooooo big! Maybe they were made for animals or what do I know? They worked for Jimmy's big body quite well, but they look ridiculous on the small bodies of us boys.

Well, finally I bought one at XCite. 750 L$ it was. I don't know how to get a matching color. And I think the menu is a little bit too complicated. But it's worth its price! It can be used by others (if you allow it), so they can lick, touch, squeeze your balls etc. Sorry, no animation, only text! But the penis reacts just like in RL. Amazing! Uncontrollable erections... Refreshing time after an orgasm... - As I said: Just like in RL!

A little word to Linden Labs: Why the fuck isn't it possible to wear your penis under your clothes??? It's so embarrassing running around with your dick and balls hanging out of your trousers, cause you forgot to hide them or take them off!

But I like my guesture and sound: "Your balls are showing!", so I can use it very often with others. *lol*


Jordyn Carnell said...

i'm sure u figured this one out by now.. (i'd have noticed it you hadn't)

Franziskus said...

/me grins "Yeah, found out. hehe"