Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Outfit

Of course my outfit isn't perfect (yet). There are still hundreds of skins I could try out. But to be honest: I like myself as I am! It's not too "plastic" like most newbies, but it's not one of that Klone-"realistic"-skins which look all the same. It's a virtual world, so why shouldn't I look virtual? I like myself "indivirtual", so to speak.

Though I love my "red ruffles" I'm sometimes wearing some longer hair. It's more "prissy", I guess, but I don't feel like being the naughty punk ALL the time.

I was thinking about my body-height. It seems to me that most people at SL are at least 7 ft. tall. I'm only 6 ft. and feel really short among those giants. But I like to be boyish! - Nevertheless: Most pose-balls and a lot of clothings are made for those giants. That's really a problem...

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Jordyn Carnell said...

I had the same problem! But i mostly stood my ground.. (only in sl is six foot something short) Let others be mutant giants the only time i adjusted my hight upwards is when my sl partner couldn't shrink himself.. so i made myself a little bit taller..