Saturday, January 12, 2008


It's time to talk about JonPaul!

If I remember it well, I met him at tristar. He showed me his apartment and then I showed him the boy's house where he spanked me for a while. But he wasn't a member then (so you can't use all the features there), so we went back to his condo to have sex there.

To my surprise he asked me, if I wanted to be his "slave". - Well... I never thought about slavery. I think I need a strong hand, but slavery? However, I had to admit that the idea made me horny.

Later he told me that he's just 19 yo. Much too young for a master. He's very nice and loves vanilla sex. I think he doesn't really know how to handle a boy like me. I can do whatever I want - and that's not good for a naughty boy with naughty thoughts.

This week he's busy. Bought land and built a house. And now he's working on the furniture.

Okay, he made me a keyholder, but I think sooner or later he will recognize that I'm too (what's the right word?) challenging (?) for him. Too bad! I really like him...


Jordyn Carnell said...

My personal rule is i don't have sex with anyone more that 2 years younger than me.. its too easy to break them and i dont know how to put them back together yet.. prefer to dominate people older.. they can handle it..

Franziskus said...

How old are you? 26?

/me counts on his claws "26... 25...24...23... damn!!!!"

Jordyn Carnell said...

25 a few weeks ago.. oh, and i make exceptions ~grin~

Franziskus said...

thank god I turned 23 a few weeks ago too!!!!