Sunday, January 20, 2008

So much!

Happened so much in the last few days. And so little time to tell!


I think it was thursday, when I finally met JonPaul again. He invited me over to his house to see (and try!) his new sex pose-balls. I was so happy he wanted to see me! I felt so neglected the last few weeks. He didn't do anything to prove the Master/Slave-relationship. And I was surprised, as he asked me, where he could get spanking-poseballs. So I brought him to Devine Destiny's and showed him the poseballs (and how expensive they are). I told him - nice slave I am! - that he doesn't have to buy one just for me. I planned to buy some as soon as I have found a way to change L$ for a better charge.
Then Jeremiah appeared. And before I knew what was happening JonPaul told me, he was going to spank Jeremiah. - Can you believe that?!? Again: He didn't spank me for at least three weeks, didn't even have time to meet me. I accepted that, cause he was so busy with the house. Then he'd finally had time, and what happens? He wants to spank Jeremy!!! Sure, JP asked if I'm ok with it; and I answered "no problem!". But what should I have said? He's the master. I couldn't forbid him. But I was so angry and disappointed, I could just cry!
To cap it all I had problems with SL, with my pc and with my internet-connection. I needed at least half an hour to log in again. As I finally got back, I went to the boy's house. They had just finished. I sat on the roof, sad and crying.
After JonPaul went back to his home, Jeremy came up to the roof and asked, what's the problem. And I told him. He didn't recognize that JonPaul is the master I was talking about the whole time. Maybe he was just lying? I don't know. He's a strange guy...
Well, I said "That's it!". JP isn't my master anymore. I need a strict guy, maybe a daddy or uncle, who can handle me and give me, what I need. Guess JP is just too young!

But the next day I met him again. He invited me to his home. And surprise! He had bought the spanking poseballs! I felt flattered and thought he bought them just for me. He must love me! Then something strange happened: Accidently he sat on the "spankee"-poseball. So I spanked him! Slave spanks master. *lol* Well... after what he did to me, I enjoyed it! I spanked his ass softly, fondled him, played with his butt. It was cool: I had three animation-menus to chose from: The spanking menu, one to handle his cock and one for his butt (I need do buy one of those butts! Didn't even know that's possible!!!). I treated him like this for a while 'til he shot his wed. In SL like in RL!!! Proud to say that I was really good at it, though my English isn't that good. I guess I would do an even better job in German. Maybe I should earn some money as an escort?

After his orgasm I tried to talk to him about the last day. I wanted to give him another chance. But he always changed the subject. So it's clear: I cannot and will no longer be his little toyboy at all! It's over! Maybe some sex from time to time, but he's just not the right guy for me. Too bad!


I've spent much time to find some nice sounds of pain in the www. And I found them. I uploaded them and I'm really happy with them. Gave copies to all the spank-boys I met, though it cost me lot of money and time to find and upload them. I should sell them, not give them away for free. But I'm too stupid, or just too nice. Maybe I'll make gestures out of them, so you can use them with shortcuts? And put them all in a box. Maybe I can connect the box with a notice, that the sounds are for free, but those who like them, can feel free to donate a small amount of money to me? Have to think about it...


It's seductive what you can buy for money in SL. Paypal didn't work for me. Don't know why!? But at least with SLXchange and some patience I found a way to change € into L$ for a better charge. Though SLX takes a changing-fee, it's at least cheaper to buy Lindens with it as if I would always have to call and change 200 L$ for 1 €.

So I bought a lot of stuff the last days! Some nice whip- and spanking-marks. Better pulled-down pants. A soap-bar for mouth-soaping (Vernidis idea! Hope we can try out soon!). And pose-ball for corner-time. But I have to keep the money together, cause the real purpose for the bigger amount of money was to rent an apartment!
I took another look at one of those frat-houses. They have apartments to rent. And the apartments are really nice. Too bad, I never found someone around and no place for hazing and pledging (only a dungeon, but no spanking there though!). But they are cheap, what I saw on the first sight. Have to get a look again. Maybe some other boys will join too. Then we could have a lot of fun!
But I'm still dreaming of my own frat-house to share it with some nice, sexy and horny fratbrothers!

As I had more money I also donated 200 Lindens to Rosey Cheeks. They do a lot of good work and I wanted to show, that I appreciate what they are doing. But I didn't even hear a "thanks" from Dayna or Mike. That's not nice! I think that is the last time, I donated something to them!

Even worse: Instead of thanking me, they complained that I showed my wiener a few days ago in the main house, as Jeremiah spanked me there. Well, I'm sorry for that. On the other side: Jeremy wanted to spank me bare-naked, so what was I supposed to do? And it wasn't even erected! It was soft. Only to be seen for a few seconds before Jeremy allowed me to put my pants back on. And who the fuck cares anyway??? Well, it's a little exaggerated, but I will accept it in the future. No more public spankings with pants down. Too bad!

The new office

BTW: Talking about Rosey cheeks! There's a new office (headmaster? teacher?) there. Nice! I met a teacheress on my shopping-tour yesterday. I talked to hear, wanted to persuade her for a school-lesson. But she only had time for a quick private lesson in that office. She spanked me with the hand on the trousers. Didn't feel anything. But than I had to pull them down and she whipped me with a cane on the briefs. Six to count, she said! But she spanked so fast, I hadn't even time to count. And it was much more then six! - Oh gosh! You should have seen my butt! (And again I forgot to take a picture!)


Finally I ran into Maia one of those days. Did I tell about Maia? She was the first woman/girl to spank me ever! I met her on one of my first days in SL. Really nice. British, as I remember. She has a Sir who spanks her. And she introduced me to him. He told us, that we should go to another place, where she could give me a nice warm-up, then we should return and both get spanked by him. We did the warm-up and it was exciting, but then she disappeared. And I didn't see her again since the day before yesterday.
It was really nice to meet her again. We chattered, I showed her my spanking-sounds (of course I needed some stimulation for that, if you know what I mean!). Brought her to the school and she was very fond of it. She wants to take part at the lessons too. Hope there's another lesson soon!

The Dance

Yes, I'm looking forward for the next lesson. Because: Last night I met Rammy again. So glad to see him! He's like a brother to me. I luv him! He was away the whole week; some business stuff. But yesterday he had time. And we had so much fun!!! - Stromer Bloch, the guy from GaySpankingTower and Jimmy's little bro, joined us. There was another guy too, Thomboy, but he had problems with his pc and didn't come back.
So, I shared the "Timewarp" dance with them and we practiced and practiced and practiced. And I have to say: We looked really good at the end! We will do that in the next class. Hope it works so well then too. If so, then we're fabulous!

Imagine: A bunch of boys, dressed all the same, doing the timewarp unisono! What a delightful sight!!!

Okay, that's it for today. Have to go now! Enjoy your sunday!

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Jordyn Carnell said...

wow! most of my posts are like "went to club _______, had a blast!" lol

(of course some of them are more detailed and personal than that, but still, that's most of them)