Saturday, January 12, 2008

How I came to SL

So, how did I come to SL? My best friend Jimmy invited me.

I only have this poor quality pic of him. But believe me: He's a very handsome, masculine man. Big body, lots of muscles, hairy... - But he had trouble with his little brother in SL, so he left. Too bad!

He left me all his money (which wasn't much), his clothes and his shape and skin. I tried it on for some occasions, but it doesn't really reflect my personality.

Let's hope that maybe one day he will return to SL. I miss him!

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Jordyn Carnell said...

my sl bf had to leave sl after our 4 month affair.. (good thing we have became friends in rl) Many others are in and out a lot and i dont see them like i used to..

SL is a dangerous place for ALL people to be ALL the time, and for some people to be some of the time..

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