Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday, 01/13/2008

Dude! 'd been so tired last night!!! Nevertheless I tried out a hoverboard I found in my inventory. Tricky thing! I messed up the whole neighborhood!!! I hope, JonPaul never find's out...

Then Rammy called from the boy's house. We met there and I invited him to JP's house to show him around. Then copied him another hoverboard and we tried it both. Same effect! Rammy smashed into our house just the moment, JP arrived. He (Rammy - not JP!) was so scared that he jumped high into the air and stayed there. Silly-billy! What could have been the worst thing to happen, huh? Probably a spanking for us both from JP, but would that have been so bad???

Well, JP didn't say anything about the hover (and didn't know about the mess in the neighborhood), so I just introduced him to Rammy. Maybe we could have had some fun all together, but I was just too tired. So I put on my new St. Elmos-pajamas and -slippers and a Simpson-Tee. Looks kind of girlish and sissy-sassy, but I like them!
So, I just said nighty-nite and went to bed. JP told Rammy, he should accompany me. Isn't that nice? So Rammy came cuddling. Soooooo cute! My head hadn't even met the pillow as I was in dreamland already. Gosh, it was a long day!

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Jordyn Carnell said...

i've messed up whole sims.. and had the cops come! lol