Thursday, January 31, 2008


Gosh! Didn't write for a long time. But I've been so busy... I've spent a lot of time with Rammy and Jeremiah. Strolling around in several dungeons (pic to the left) and sex-places (e.g. Rosey Cheeks adult house - pic to the right!) with Rammy is so much fun! But we're talking a lot too... about politics, architecture and stuff. I think we're on the same level. And I like him very much!

That's why I was very sad two days ago. - We finally wanted to make a step forward with our frathouse-plans. But we're still insecure about buying or renting our own land. Instead we rented a house. It's not too expensive (about 300 L$ / week), got two stories and room enough to try out furnishing and stuff. So I founded a group called "Fratboyz Hazing and Spanking" and made Rammy and Jeremiah owners too.

But it wasn't possible to rent the house as a group; so Rammy alone rented it and we wanted to share the charge. We started furnishing and tried out things... The next day Rammy came and said, he wants to keep the house for his own. I was shocked! Sure, he offered me, that I could make it my home as well, but I would still have been just kind of "guest". I felt so betrayed! That was exactly the point I was concerned about: If we can't rent as GROUP, we have to trust one single member. But this confidence was shaken. I feelt mad, upset and deeply sad. Almost crying. Although the next moment Rammy made a retreat and said we could keep the house as frathouse as he saw how shocked I was, it was too late...

Well, I know that I'm too sensitive sometimes and maybe I was overreacting, but that moment everything was over for me: the fraternity-plans, the amazing friendship with Rammy, all the fun in SL and the good times... - I had to leave Rammy and Jeremiah to think about it. Went to the campfire at Rosey Cheeks. There Molly sat at the fire. She talked to me and soothed me. And she convinced me to talk to Rammy, cause she saw that I really like him and was suffering so much.

So, don't worry, folks! Rammy and me are still pals and bros! - What I didn't knew: He was just mad about Jeremiah, cause he left such a mess in the house. But Rammy should have told me that before.

Well, our Jeremy... - What's wrong with that guy? We are concerned about him. Is he suffering from ADS? The symptons are the same: He doesn't sleep very much, can't stand still, never listens at all, has trouble concentrating... Yesterday he took the cake: Rammy and I got a message, that he deleted the whole house!!! Okay, it was an accident that could been forgiven. But he didn't even stop at this point. He installed a security system that ejected not only some strangers, but Rammy too. Imagine! Rammy wants to come to the house HE rented and is ejected! Arrrrgggg! And that's not enough. He also used a weapon on the stranger. Oh, Jeremy! - Well, he will get the punishment for this...

But we are really concerned. What, if he can't stop it? When some day we buy or rent land as a group, there's also money involved. What if Jeremiah screws everything up? He's a high risk. I think the best thing would be, to let him be pledgemaster, but not an owner of the group. So he have to talk to Rammy or me before he can plan the next mess. He isn't in the position to charge for the group-expenses anyway. So I think, it's a fair deal.

Well, we will see, how he acts in the future... For now we have to wait till we get the house back. It will be this evening, I guess.

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Jordyn Carnell said...

its hard to do things as a group in SL.. in part because we only know small bits about each other.. and we only know what people are willing to share anyway.. its all about trust at a basic level.. that the stuff not being shared won't effect the relationship or the other person..