Thursday, January 17, 2008

Public Spanking

One of the amazing (and addicting) things in SL is: You can do things you'd never do in RL! - I already got spanked by a girl and switched with a lesbian girl. Wouldn't do that in RL, I guess.

And yesterday Jeremiah spanked me in the public house at Rosey Cheeks for spending too much time in SL. And the room was crowded!!! Ususally I never see anyone there; they are all hanging around in the garden. But this day there were about 8 or more people - girls, boys, men, women - in the room to watch me getting my butt spanked. And they made fun of me. So embarrassing!

But I didn't want to give in and teased Jeremy more and more. And I refused to cry though it was really a very hard spanking. Almost couldn't sit later in class!

Hours later I spent some time with Vernidi in a gay steam-house and everybody could see my red butt. So embarrassing again! But I had the feeling most of them thought it's exciting. And I have to say, it was exciting for me too!

Too bad I forgot to take pictures again...

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Jordyn Carnell said...

did u really 'forget' to take pictures? or are they somewhere on your hard drive.. just for u personally?