Friday, January 25, 2008

Thursday, 24th of January 2008

Had problems on wednesday, so I finally could return to SL on thursday. Again I spent a lot of time with Rammy and Jeremy.

This picture was taken at a nice swimming-pool on monday. We wanted to go back there to talk a little. But then Stromer came up and said we ought to practise for our dance, cause we were hired for a public performance.
Well, it didn't work out too good. I think by now Rammy is bored of the timewarp; and I have to admit: Me too! It should have been fun, and it was. But meanwhile it's all the same over and over again. "Thanks" to Stromer... - The good thing: Jeremy and Rammy understand now, that Stromer's a control-freak and got that dispute with my dear friend Jimmy. Well, he can be nice, but he also can be a bitchy pain in the ass!

After several hours with not much progress, Rammy, Jeremy and I said good-bye to Stromer and left. We were looking for land for our frat-house. So many ideas! Coincidentely there's a big parcel next to the Rosey Cheeks house. It would be perfect! But Mike, the owner and Daynas husband, said, he can't let us the land, cause there are no prims left. Too bad!

After a lot of discussions about the frathouse, Americans, coffee etc. we changed into kids. Just for a few minutes. Aren't we cuuuuuuuute??? *hehe* Well, it was fun for a moment, but I'm not really fond of kid-avatars in SL. Rammy and Jeremy neither.

While we were discussing about the parcel, JonPaul messaged me. He said he would sell his house, his land and all the furniture. I wonder why he bought all that stuff at all!? Yes, we're planning to buy land and build a house too, but that's for a public purpose! It's nonsense to buy land and house just for one single person!
Well, JonPaul was wailing around. Maybe he just wanted company and fuck me. I would have gone and would have accepted another abusion, but Jeremy and Rammy talked sense into me. Thanks, folks!

So, after we changed back in our common shape, Rammy and me went to the adult-house of Rosey cheeks. Rammy hadn't been there yet. We had fun, especially with the spread-eagle thing (pic!). But I have to admit, that the "home & garden"-style (just look at that carpet!!!) isn't the right atmosphere for me. I like dungeons.
So Rammy whipped my ass really hard before we went to the "Schweinekeller". A very dirty place. Nobody there. Then we went to the new dungeon of Tristar. Nice place. Rammy and I practised some slave-poses and just looked fabulous! (Again: No pics! Sorry!)
Later I met a girl or transvestite (?) who was looking for somebody to fuck with a strapon. Always wanted to do that. So: Helloo-ho!? - Okay, it was some fun, but not as exciting as I thought it would be. She didn't talk too much. But she showed me a nice new place. I have to show it Rammy next time!
Suddenly she disappeared. Network-problems I guess. So I was just about to leave, when I met another newbie. I showed him how to get a penis from fat tiger and talked to him for a while. Too bad that I was too tired to talk to him any longer. Maybe I'll meet him again one day?

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Jordyn Carnell said...

kid avs i used to think were cute.. and still think they CAN be.. but.. one time i was saying that to a kid avatar.. and had to spend the next 20 min explaining how i "wasn't into having sex with kid avatars thank you very much!" lol