Saturday, January 12, 2008


One of the boys at the boy's house is Rammy. He's a really nice guy! He's not only good for spanking, but for talking too. I like that!

I spanked him on one of my first days. I don't remember the reason (but there's always a reason to spank a boy who needs it!), but I made a picture. I think it was one of the first photoshots I took. As you can see he looked different those days. I helped him with his looks and now he's really a cute boy!

I'm proud to say that - even a newbie myself - I could help a lot of the boys with their appearance!

But I think his head is a little too big. I just recognized it today. Must remember to tell him...

As I told before we spent some time in the whirlpool last night. And he was the first visitor of this blog! Congrats!

Like me he loves to walk around in the house only in his underwear. And I have to admit: I love the sight of his crunchy little butt in white briefs. Delicious!


Rammy said...

Thank you Franziskus for mentioning me in your blog. It is funny you mentioned the big head (not because of brains I assure you ;) ) because I just adjusted it this morning. I look forward to seeing you later - and don't forget to get some sleep!

Jordyn Carnell said...

Crunchy butt?