Saturday, January 12, 2008

My home

One of my "homes" is the Guyspanking-house. I just love it there!

The owner is Mimo, a very nice young man. On the pic you can see his newest invention: A spanking-machine. Lot's of fun! But to be honest: I (and most of the other boys) prefer the more personal touch!

I've made friends to a lot of the boys there. But I have to say: There are quite more spankees then spankers! Too bad...

So most of the time we hang around in underwear, talk and chat, spank each other and have lots of fun. I just LUV to hang around in underwear! But some of the boys are too shy. ts!

There are a lot of possibilities in the house: Spanking-machine, spanking-chairs, a spanking-woodshed, a shower, a nice living-room to hang out, a pose-ball for corner-time, a journal where we can report our newest punishment, a video-screen and of course a nice bed to have sex and to cuddle.

I also use the house to sort out and arrange my inventory. Have collected over 4000 items in several Freebie-areas. Takes a lot of time to go through all this stuff!

1 comment:

Jordyn Carnell said...

um.. i'm a spanker, not a spankee ;) but i'm willing to learn..