Monday, January 14, 2008


Another little spanking before I went to work today. - I just wanted to take a look, but as usual I stayed longer than planned.

I tried out some trees, plants and stones in our garden (well, it's more beach). I think it still looks too empty and misses the "personal touch".

But then Jeremy called from the boys house. He wanted a spanking for blowing Sean smoke into the face. - Well, I have to admit: Sean, our little kiddo at the boy's house, can be a pain in the ass! He's full of mischief, but not willing to bear the consequences. So I wasn't too hard with Jeremiah, gave him a nice warm-up with the hand and finished with 12 hard swats with the paddle. Brave boy! I just did it to spare him a - probably testier - spanking from Nino.

Then I spanked him for breaking all the records in SL-presence: Last week he spent there 45 hours at a stretch! I'm really concerned about him. (But I have to admit to be relieved that I'm not the only one who's addicted!) He had to promise me, that he'd stay by no later then 6 a.m. (it was 3.30) in SL and then go to bed. Good boy! - I sent him 10 minutes to the corner to think about his addiction. On the way to the corner he disclosed, that he was on his way to bed anyway. Bad boy! If I'd known that I wouldn't have been so generous to give him another 2 1/2 hours! Well, his next spanking is waiting for him. *hehe*

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Jordyn Carnell said...

SL addiction is REAL!